IF 6 WAS 9


“Upon first hearing the tracks on the Jimi Project, I felt: "now if Hendrix were just getting around to recording today, and had Phil Brown as his guitar teacher, THIS is what would have come from the man himself."

The funk groove is so thick on these tracks that you can spread it like peanut butter, smoldering and smooth.

In many of his last interviews, Jimi kept referring to his quest for a new direction to steer his music. I feel that Phil Brown has given us a taste of what that direction might have been. Yes the arraignments are it sacrilege? In this case, no. I see this is a modern way to make new fans from those who may not have been around to feel the massive influence that Hendrix had on music, seek out the man who composed these songs and gain a whole new mass of devotees. Thank you Phil Brown, for your vision and persistence, you have recorded a "must have" collection.”